Point of sale systems: What they are and why they’re amazing for businesses.

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What is a point of sale? A full point of sale (POS) system is a combination of software and hardware elements. These systems help business owners take control of their transactions and manage their reporting needs. Many retailers use them as the alternative to a cash register since a POS can easily handle multiple functions. … Read more

Tax exemptions and ITE: How do these exemptions work?

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What is ITE? Under section 87 of the Indian Act, status Indians receive tax benefits and exemptions. This is if they present the proper documents when making purchases on a reserve. ITE is the abbreviation for Indian Tax Exemption. This is a program consisting of multiple provincial plans for fuel and tobacco taxation in registered … Read more

Tax Exemption Paperwork: How Pelletier’s Gas Bar Saved 8 Hours on ITE Rebates

iPOS Tax Exemption in Pelletier’s Gas Bar and Native Art Gallery Pelletier’s Gas Bar and Native Art Gallery is a service station located in Nipigon, Ontario on the Lake Helen Reserve. They began operating in 2006 and were processing tax exemption claims manually until 2009. That is when Wiz-Tec’s ITE rebate software through iPOS was … Read more