Modern Cardlock Fuel Systems

Consolidate your cardlock fuel systems into one easy to use, modern, and durable payment point. Moreover, you’ll be able to take credit card payments and expand your revenue streams.


Commercial and bulk fuel made simple

Connect all your pumps to a single, modern, and sleek cardlock payment point. Touchscreen controls allow for questions and identity prompts and EMV certified terminals let you take credit payments along with charge accounts.


Seamless, EMV certified cardlock payments

OPTIS Cardlock

Get the modern service station you want with OPTIS Cardlock. A stylish and effective solution for fleet and commercial accounts.

See OPTIS Cardlock in Action

Take a look at how OPTIS Cardlock can work in your operation with our on-site product demo. Our cardlock teller can control up to 8 pumps at once and take fleet cards, credit cards, and in-house charge accounts through chip insert or tap.


Modern Payments for Cardlock Fuel Systems

Advanced and intuitive corporate account management tools.

Scale your operation with unlimited commercial accounts. Operate your site remotely and make it unattended with iPOS integration. On-screen question prompts on the teller combined with automatic transaction posting to iPOS improves invoicing and account management.

Advanced corporate cardlock payments
secure cardlock payments

Secure, reliable, and EMV certified payments - right at your pumps.

Stand out from your competition. OPTIS CardLock is the only EMV certified cardlock teller in Canada. It accepts all major credit cards and digital wallet payments through tap or card insert. Our hardware is EMV certified, PCI compliant, and backed by Moneris to provide secure and reliable transactions for your customers.

Durable. Stylish. Convenient. Fully designed in Canada.

The compact stainless steel design, durable weather-resistant materials, and a built in heater help your cardlock withstand Canadian winters. Easy touchscreen inputs make it simple for your customer to use.

cardlock paymetns on OPTIS

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