The #1 ITE rebate software in Canada

Streamlined, electronic tax exemption claims through your point of sale for all provinces. File fuel and tobacco claims electronically and get money back faster.

iPOS for First Nations

Get your free time back with electronic exemptions through iPOS for First Nations. Improve your throughput with our all-in-one POS, exemption software, and fuel controller.

How It Works
eligible customer purchases fuel or tobacco
scan status document to validate eligibility
taxes are taken off and transaction is recorded
tax exemption claims automatically submitted electronically after the transaction is processed
claims are reviewed by the government and rebates are sent once approved

*Process depicted is for AB, SK, ON, and QC only. Specific rebate process is province-dependent. Contact us for more details on how our ITE services work in your provincial system.

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Get your free time back with electronic tax exemptions

Our point of sale ITE software simplifies fuel and tobacco tax exemption rebates and reports by automatically filling out information during the transaction. Generate detailed and accurate tax exemption reports directly from your point of sale and file submissions in real-time in select provinces.


Easy rebates and tax exemptions directly from your POS

Electronic exemption rebates through iPOS​

Electronic rebate claims through your point of sale

Fill tax exemption rebate forms directly from your POS and file electronically in supported provinces. Automatic submissions simplify paperwork and get money back into your account faster.

Quick status verification

Instant verification of status cards in select provinces. Our ITE enabled POS lets you scan barcodes to validate status cards during the transaction process to speed things up.

Status verification for ITE on point of sale

All in one tax exemption point of sale and fuel console

iPOS ITE provides you with a full checkout lane, best in class ITE rebate services, and a fully functional fuel console within a single system. Control pumps and manage usage directly from the in-store point of sale to improve your operation.

Our ITE POS works in all provinces across Canada

Our point of sale system with tax exemption software works for all provincial rebate systems. From real-time electronic submissions to pre-filling paper forms, iPOS ITE will adapt to any provincial system.

Point of sale tax exemption Works in all provinces​

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