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Pay at the pump solutions.

Upgrade your legacy pumps to full serve-serve dispensers with a pay at the pump retrofit solution. Since our retrofits are compatible with the most common legacy pumps, we can provide you increased throughput at an affordable price.

OPTIS Retrofit

OPTIS Retrofit

Get the most value out of your pumps with OPTIS
Retrofit. Without a doubt, this sleek pay at the pump
retrofit will turn your legacy pumps into self-serve
dispensers without having to replace them.

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Pay at the pump without the renovations

The cost effective upgrade to pay at the pump. Add OPTIS Retrofit to your pumps and start taking EMV certified PAP payments today. What’s more, this retrofit solution can simply be added onto your existing pumps without expensive pump upgrades.


Extend the life of your pumps with retrofit solutions

waiting for pay at the pump dispenser

Significantly increase forecourt throughput with pay at the pump

Bring yours pumps into the present with a sleek and reliable pay at the pump retrofit. Unlike expensive renovations or pump upgrades, OPTIS Retrofit can fit into the most common legacy pumps to provide you with an alternative to replacing them entirely.

Offers both a compact design and easy installation

A simple pay at the pump retrofit directly onto your current pumps. Since our experienced technicians will install OPTIS Retrofit and connect it to iPOS, you can start taking payments on your forecourt right away.

pay at the pump retrofit for independent gas stations
pay at the pump retrofit

Reliably built and undeniably backed by complete service and support

Not only is OPTIS Retrofit expertly designed to fit in most legacy pumps, but also easily integrates into your operation. Because we use premium payment terminals and materials, OPTIS can easily handle any weather making it a reliable pay at the pump solution.

OPTIS Retrofit in Action

Take a look at how OPTIS Retrofit can work in your operation with our on-site product demo. Upgrade your legacy pumps to take pay at the pump and increase your throughput today.

Looking for cardlock solutions?

Take a look at OPTIS Cardlock, a powerful payment station for unattended gas stations.

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