The most affordable Pay at the Pump add-on.

Add OPTIS Flex to your legacy pumps and start taking EMV certified contactless payments today. No need to replace your pumps, just mount it on.



1 Flex/Dispenser
  • Takes debit, credit, and digital wallet payments
  • EMV certified & PCI compliant
  • iPOS integration
  • 24/7 iPOS support available
  • Small footprint & quick installation

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Compatible Pumps*

*OPTIS Flex may be compatible with other pumps not listed here. Contact us through the quote request form with a picture of your pumps to check compatibility.

FAQ - OPTIS Flex Pay at the Pump

How does OPTIS Flex work?

OPTIS Flex is designed to be an easy add-on solution to turn legacy pumps into pay at the pump dispensers. When installed, OPTIS Flex will act as a payment point for your customers to use at the pump. They will be able to tap their phone or card and authorize for a pre-determined amount, then begin fueling without having to step foot in your store to pre-pay for their fuel. Customer now expect pay at the pump, and OPTIS Flex lets you upgrade without costly pump renovations or replacements.


One unit is compatible with one filling position (i.e. 1 double sided pump would require 2 Flex units).

Will this work with tax exemptions at the pump?

No. Since this unit only accepts tap payments, it is not compatible with tax exempt transactions at the pump due to governmental regulations and requirements. Current government policies require tax exempt customers to present their identification and status card to the cashier in-store to receive the tax exemption for status verification.

Guarantee and Warranty

Software guarantee is for customers on the Wiz-Tec service subscription only. Out of pocket expenses are not included (shipping, travel, hardware, etc.)

Hardware is under manufacturer’s (Moneris) warranty for any manufacturing defects. Physical damage to the antenna, display, controller, etc. due to customer abuse or tampering, exposure to out-of-specification temperatures (-30 C), bad power conditions (surges, lighting, of “Acts of God”) are not covered. Out of pocket expenses are not included (shipping, travel, hardware, etc.)

We recommend a heater for units exposed to extreme cold temperatures.

What payment mediums does OPTIS Flex take?

OPTIS Flex can take contactless debit cards, any major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.), NFC and mobile wallet payments.

Will this work with my pumps?

OPTIS Flex is is guaranteed to be compatible with the pumps listed above (Gilbarco Advantage, Encore 300, Encore 500, Encore S, Wayne Vista, and Wayne Ovation 1.). If you have alternative pumps, they may be compatible with OPTIS Flex. Please contact us through the quote request form with a picture of your pumps to verify compatibility.


Does this work with my existing iPOS system?

Yes. However, your iPOS and Pump Controller systems must be upgraded for compatibility. Software upgrades are free with your monthly subscrtiption fee.

I have multiple pumps, can I add OPTIS Flex to only a few?

Yes. You can add OPTIS Flex to as many or as few dispensing positions as you’d like.

How much time is required for installation?

2 days are required for fewer than 8 pumps. 3 days are required for installations on an excess of 8 pumps.

Please make sure the prior installation requirements are met before the installation date. Additional days of labour will be charged if technicians need to wait on-site for the completion of the requirements.

What are the pre-installation requirements?

Pre-installation requirements are to be met by the retailer. Wiz-Tec is not responsible for these will only be responsible for our own installation procedures. The retailer must have these requirements met before the installation date. OPTIS Flex requires a hole drilled into the pump for wiring, the retailer is responsible for the drilling of these holes. Wiz-Tec will provide sizing specifications.


    1. iPOS upgrade (free for those with an active monthly service subscription)
    2. Reliable high-speed internet on-site
    3. Dedicated (not shared) 110vac 15A power supply and 4 plug outlets at each pump, supplied and installed by a qualified electrician.
    4. Pump manufacturer specified heaters inside the pump, or if unavailable, heaters approved, supplied, and installed by a qualified electrician and pump specialist that meets all applicable standards, compliance, and regulatory requirements.
    5. Ethernet Cat5e or Cat6 cable from office to each pump (trench wiring may be required). If the cable is shared with the pump’s power line, a shielded Cat5e or Cat 6 cable is required.*

*The system may run with ‘Ethernet over power line’ which may be subject to power interference. Wiz-Tec will install and configure ‘Ethernet over power line’ at the time of installation when needed. This will allow the Merchant to run Ethernet cables at a separate time convenient to them, but we do not guarantee it will work reliably in this set up. This set up involves an additional cost for installation.

Looking for a full retrofit for your pumps?

Ask about OPTIS Retrofit, our comprehensive retrofit solution with tap and chip & PIN payments for select pumps