POS Cost: How much should I spend on a good quality POS?

POS cost

Every business needs a POS system tailored to its specific requirements. That’s why the prices for these can range dramatically based on the industry. Some businesses, like restaurants and retail require little hardware and generally have cloud-based POS systems. Other businesses require their POS system to control external applications and integrate into different mechanisms so … Read more

Why a POS is a guaranteed improvement to a cash register


The cash register has been around for over a century. It isn’t hard to understand why they’re still popular despite their shortcomings. Simple cash registers are reliable, cost effective, and can be installed very easily. But as the world moves forward with technology, businesses have to update operations to meet customers’ demands for modern tech. … Read more

How can I buy the best car wash POS?

Car wash point of sale and payment experts​

Car washes are different from a lot of retailers in their method of service delivery. As an owner, you might also find merit in having a convenience store set up for your customers to wait in (and buy extras) while their car is washed. Finding the right point of sale system is important in this … Read more

How can I buy the best gas station POS?

gas station POS

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing POS or looking to upgrade from a cash register, there are many factors to consider before your purchase. To stay competitive against the big box gas stations in Canada, the POS you choose must be able to handle all your transactions seamlessly. Another driving factor for your choice … Read more

Point of sale systems: What they are and why they’re amazing for businesses.

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What is a point of sale? A full point of sale (POS) system is a combination of software and hardware elements. These systems help business owners take control of their transactions and manage their reporting needs. Many retailers use them as the alternative to a cash register since a POS can easily handle multiple functions. … Read more