Cash payments and transactions are less common now, why?


Cash is no longer king according to Payments Canada. Since 2016, debit cards have become the most widely used method of payment with credit cards coming in second place. Cash usage shrunk by over 9 percent from 2018 and is set to continue the downward trend. So, what does this mean for the business environment? … Read more

Why a POS is a guaranteed improvement to a cash register


The cash register has been around for over a century. It isn’t hard to understand why they’re still popular despite their shortcomings. Simple cash registers are reliable, cost effective, and can be installed very easily. But as the world moves forward with technology, businesses have to update operations to meet customers’ demands for modern tech. … Read more

What throughput is and why you need to perfect it immediately

why throughput is important

Throughput is a critical part of any successful business. Prioritize it in order to maximize efficiency and revenue. In simple terms, it means how many customers you can take care of in a specified amount of time. It’s a very well known fact that customers hate long wait times and long line ups. So what … Read more

Transaction fees: What are they and what is a great rate?

credit card transaction fees

Diversifying your payment options is very important in our constantly changing world. Consumers are moving away from using cash and prefer to use electronic payment methods. But, since there is no such thing as a free lunch, these payment methods have a cost associated. Transaction fees. Remember that these fees are a necessary cost of … Read more

Top 3 Reasons Count Up is Better for Car Washes

count up car wash

As the name suggests, count-up payments work the opposite way count-down payments do. When a customer pulls into a self-serve bay, they typically have the option to use either coin or card. Coin mechs were built to follow the count-down system. This is where the customer inputs a certain amount of money, and the machine … Read more

How can I buy the best gas station POS?

gas station POS

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing POS or looking to upgrade from a cash register, there are many factors to consider before your purchase. To stay competitive against the big box gas stations in Canada, the POS you choose must be able to handle all your transactions seamlessly. Another driving factor for your choice … Read more

Tax exemptions and ITE: How do these exemptions work?

Providing ITE industry solutions since 1998​

What is ITE? Under section 87 of the Indian Act, status Indians receive tax benefits and exemptions. This is if they present the proper documents when making purchases on a reserve. ITE is the abbreviation for Indian Tax Exemption. This is a program consisting of multiple provincial plans for fuel and tobacco taxation in registered … Read more