Top 3 Reasons for Point of Sale Integrated Car Wash Equipment

integrated car wash

            Many car washes still operate with nothing more than a few coin-mechs, a credit card swipe, and a cash register. While this worked for the past few decades it’s quickly becoming obsolete. The invention of credit and debit has taken a toll on cash usage, corporate customers expect to have streamlined and easily accessible accounts for their employees, and monthly memberships are quickly becoming customer favourites. This is why integrated car wash equipment becomes a no-brainer for high volume sites.

All these factors make it difficult for car washes to continue running on legacy technology. As a result, many owners are turning to point of sale systems to help with the added workload. A point of sale is the heart of many businesses because it helps owners manage almost every aspect. It’s important to pick one that can handle the tasks and needs specific to your business. That’s why a point of sale with wash equipment control is the best choice for high-volume car wash operators.

1. Sales reports compiled into one system

The popularity of non-cash payments has increased astronomically in the last decade. Car wash operators have to keep up with these changes to stay competitive. This means managing corporate accounts, gift cards, memberships, charge and fleet accounts, and debit and credit cards along with cash. Many of the systems that process these payments work separately from one another so reconciling the end of day and monthly totals is a time-consuming and error prone task. Connecting a point of sale system to your car wash equipment can significantly reduce these aspects. A POS that’s linked with your payment terminals will be able to gather sales data directly from them and compile it all into one report automatically.

2. Controlling bays from your till

            One of the most innovative aspects of integrating a point of sale with your car wash equipment is the ability to control bays. This is an incredibly useful feature for self-serve car washes and automatic washes with limited staff on site. This is because it allows them to troubleshoot issues without leaving their station. Much like gas station pump controllers, this technology allows attendants to start, stop, and monitor the bays directly from the in-store till. Using these features in combination with security cameras can help prevent unnecessary costs such as water waste and overcharge returns by allowing attendants to stop the wash equipment when they see the customer is no longer in the bay. It can also help improve customer experience since attendants can authorize the use of the equipment when the customer has paid but is having trouble with starting the equipment.

3. Accommodation for complex payment methods

            While many car washes used to focus on independent consumers as their main revenue stream, more and more owners are realizing that corporate consumers are a great way to expand due to the guarantee of monthly payments. Many corporate customers such as taxi or trucking companies work on a invoicing plan. That’s why having a charge account system that’s easy to use is critical for keeping these clients satisfied. Tracking account usage becomes a burden when managing multiple companies and users. It is nearly impossible to handle manually. This is where a point of sale integrated with your wash equipment becomes a necessity.

When you link your wash equipment to your point of sale, you’ll be simplifying the transaction process. This is done by making it easier to access electronic records of all your customers and their usage allowances. Combining a point of sale system with a modern pay point capable of recognizing charge accounts automates the entire process. As a result, producing invoices for corporate clients becomes a simple and streamlined task instead of a time-consuming pile of paperwork.

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