Car Wash Apps: What are they and should I get one?

car wash apps

Apps are quickly becoming a popular way for businesses to connect with their customers. That being said, not all apps are built the same. As far as apps for car washes go there are many alternatives with different degrees of quality and usability. The three main types of apps for car wash operations are loyalty card apps, booking and on demand wash service apps, and payment and control apps.

Payment and control apps

Of the three, the car wash payment app is the most underdeveloped and unexplored. This is due to the complexity of the systems needed for them to run effectively. Many car washes operate on older technology, so creating an application that can control equipment is a difficult task without first creating equipment controllers that are compatible. This type of application would not be a sound investment until you have compatible equipment installed in your operation. These apps, however, would be a great choice for washes in areas with a large demographic of young people who want to use their phone to pay and operate their wash experience. Implementing this system has the advantage of improving throughput and increasing spending for different wash types. Since cash and coin usage can be removed from the equation, you also won’t have to worry about counting and sorting change.

The two other options, however, can be a great way to drive more business to your operation.

Loyalty apps

Loyalty apps are a great way to create repeat customers for your car wash. These give your customers a reason to keep using your services instead of your competitors’. These apps can also double as monthly membership plans. The upfront costs for these apps usually include scanners and the membership to use the app. Some of these apps will come with a pre-built option for service bookings, but again, the quality and level of integration with your systems will vary.

Booking/Scheduling Apps

The other option is setting up a dedicated car wash or detail service booking app. These apps will allow your customers the convenience of pre-booking their car detailing and washing appointments. If you are a high volume operation, you will be able to plan for services more effectively and increase productivity. Giving your customers the option to plan the length and time of their visit will also increase satisfaction and create a good image for your business. The best option for your wash is entirely dependent on the demographic of your clients. If you operate a self-serve or automatic wash, getting a loyalty app is the best course of action. If your business is focused on detailing services, offering the option to book online is almost a requirement now.

Using any of these apps can be a great way to introduce push notification marketing for your customers when you have promotions going. This will help by increasing your sales and retaining customer interest during lull periods. A great car wash app would integrate all these uses into one, giving you a great tool to interact with, sell to, and track your customers’ usage habits. As customers adapt to technology, businesses must follow. Introducing some type of application for your car wash is quickly becoming a necessity.

Wiz-Tec’s iPOS for Wash offers car wash owners and operators total real-time wash control directly from the in-store point of sale system. Start, pause, stop, and monitor wash bays from a single touchscreen to improve productivity.

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  2. I used to wash my car at home for a long time. I had believe, washing car at home is more cheaper and time saver then car fact car wash take 10 minutes, while a self car wash can take up to an hour. there are fast and more efficient.


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