The Eco-friendly Car Wash: How sustainability affects your business

ecofriendly car wash

Consumers are more concerned about their environmental footprint when it comes to their purchases, whether they are good or services. It’s important for businesses to keep up with this trend, but it’s even more important for small and medium businesses. Consumers are leaning toward buying more local goods. That’s why businesses must move to meet their customers’ demands in all aspects of the shopping or buying experience. Your car wash has to become eco-friendly to keep up with these trends.

Car washes are a difficult business to maintain. That’s just how it is. Owners must consider their costs very carefully when it comes to water usage, waste water disposal, chemical cleaning agents, and various other operational expenses. This means that choosing environmentally friendly cleaning practices and products is sometimes just not viable. However, devoting resources to environmental sustainability can mean a bump in business because of reputational gains.

Why should I make my car wash more eco-friendly?

A study done by Cone Communications in 2017 found that 87% of consumers will have a better image of a business if they’re sustainable. 88% will also be more loyal to a business that is environmentally friendly or conscious with their practices (Forbes, 2017). Targeting these consumers is important in building a constant consumer base. If your car wash is the only one offering eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, you’ll be able to attract business from competition. Not only is this a way to build your customer base, it’s also a way to retain your current customers. Though the price increase from environmentally responsible chemicals may scare a few customers away, the ones that stay with you will have a better overall image of your business and market for you through word of mouth.

How else can I make my car wash more sustainable?

Sourcing greener chemicals for your wash may be far too cost prohibitive, though, since these products usually come with a mark up. Another way to reduce your car wash’s environmental footprint can also save you money long term. Anything from leaky nozzles to worn down brushes can unnecessarily increase the amount of water you use. Investing in wash equipment with increased water pressure would lessen the amount of water you need per wash. Marketing the water savings of your new system would then leave your customers satisfied with their reduced environmental impact. Having a water reclamation system is also a great alternative to having to buy eco-friendly car wash products.

Next time you’re due for an upgrade, consider your customers and their wants. You might find that investing in eco-friendly car wash products and equipment may have a positive impact on your business.

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