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Our solutions provide car wash operators with an easy to use and comprehensive system. In other words: control, monitor, and manage all your sales better.

Car wash payment point and point of sale

The market leader in payment and point of sale combinations

Our 29 years in the fuel and retail point of sale industry have allowed us to reimagine the way car washes operate. We’ve taken the efficiency of a gas station and combined it with the power of a retail POS. As a result we created a system that is capable of controlling equipment, automatically reconciling sales data, and processing transactions all from a single touchscreen. We’re committed to improving your operation. Let us help you through increasing throughput, customer spending, and customer experiences.

Products installed across Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan

24/7/365 emergency iPOS support

Premium, heavy duty hardware

Modernizing car washes through innovation

Our point of sale and payment systems have the most advanced car wash equipment integration and control capabilities in the market. As a result, we’ve simplified the attendant experience by making it possible for operators to monitor, control, and manage their bays and equipment directly from their point of sale. Reduced staffing costs and increased efficiency means your operation will perform at it’s best.

Modernizing car washes through innovation​

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Above all, improve efficiency, reduce labour costs, and monitor your business.

iPOS Wash

Equipment control and comprehensive reporting. 

ONICS Series​

EMV certified payment points with iPOS integration.


The best standalone solution for contactless payments.​

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